MD Artworks

Fine Handcrafted Works in
Clay and Wood

Dan and Martha

Dan and Martha Rogala

Artist Statement

Our work is inspired by the shapes, forms, and textures found in nature. Each piece is unique and represents a collaboration of our efforts and talents. Our boxes combine individually hand-crafted stoneware tiles and unstained hardwoods. Tiles are crafted with the natural beauty of the unstained wood in mind and final combinations result from careful observation of the interplay between wood and clay. In every piece, we strive for a harmonious relationship - much like a successful marriage.

The woods used in our boxes and frames are some of the most beautiful exotic and domestic hardwoods we have found. There is a great deal of enjoyment in working with the wood and watching as the natural figure and grain of the woods become more and more evident. It is never perfectly predictable and it is always fun. We choose from a wide range of colors, textures, and patterning in the woods. We prefer to let the natural beauty of the wood speak for itself; therefore, we do not use any stains or dyes.

The clay bodies used in the ceramic tiles and pottery are mostly stoneware although porcelain and earthenware bodies are used occasionally when it seems important to the design of the piece. Glazes are chosen to complement the wood and design decisions are made as a team. Often the clay tile is designed when wood selections are made but after a final glaze firing is done, sometimes happy accidents lead to complete changes in previous design decisions. Again, it's all a great experiment and that's what makes the process so exciting.

We truly enjoy creating these works and we hope that our collectors will find daily enjoyment in the pieces as well.